Brunei which official name is Negara Brunei Darussalam or Brunei, is a country from Asia located at the Southeastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and Malaysia. Brunei with 381 km sq km, limits with: Malaysia 381 km; and is divided in 4 districts . Brunei’s capital is Bandar Seri Begawan , but Brunei ‘s most populated city is 0 with about 0 inhabitants.

History of Brunei

Brunei’s government is constitutional sultanate; a Absolute monarchy with a 0 government type, with Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah as head of state.

Other symbols of Brunei are Bruneian anthem “Allah Peliharakan Sultan (God Bless the Sultan) Bruneian flag. Bruneian flag is composed by yellow with two diagonal bands of white (top, almost double width) and black starting from the upper hoist side; the national emblem in red is superimposed at the center; the emblem includes a swallow-tailed flag on top of a winged column within an upturn.

Brunei’s history is quite long: The Sultanate of Brunei’s influence peaked between the 15th and 17th centuries when its control extended over coastal areas of northwest Borneo and the southern Philippines. Brunei subsequently entered a period of decline brought on by internal strife ove

Bruneis geography

Brunei has an area of 5,770Km ,with a coastline of 161, this great area is composed by 5,270 sq km of land and 500 sq km of water. Bruneian geography is known by it’s flat coastal plain rises to mountains in east and hilly lowland in west . This makes Bruneian’s land specially proclive to typhoons, earthquakes, and severe flooding are rare. Brunei also near with Malaysia and Indonesia country which is the most popular

Guide to travel to Brunei

If you are thinking on traveling to Brunei, you will have to take in consideration some points like Brunei’s currency, Brunei’s weather, Brunei’s national holiday and Brunei’s transports.

The first thing you need to know for your travels abroad is country’s currency. Brunei`s currency is called ringgit ( B$), which is divided in 100 sen

Brunei’s weather is characterized to be tropical; hot, humid, rainy. So be sure of choosing the proper date to travel to Brunei.

You can also consider to visit Brunei on it’s national holiday to get in Brunei’s culture. If you do so, Brunei’s national holiday is called National Day, 23 February.

Also, if you like natural wonders, don’t forget to visit the highest point of Brunei: Bukit Pagon 1,850 m. And try also to get to Brunei’s lowest point: South China Sea 0 mBut if you prefer the city, you must visit Brunei’s tallest structure: ( ).

Don’t be afraid to take a flight to Brunei, with more than 2 airports and 1 airlines, you will get to Brunei without problems. Once there, you can choose the transport type that better fits your needs. Brunei has about0 of railways, and also209 of roadways, so is a good place for a car trip.

Bruneian Culture

Coat of arms of Brunei. Brunei is known by Bruneians as Negara Brunei Darussalam or Brunei in the shortened way. Bruneian, about 374,577 people, are composed by different ethnics: Malay 67%, Chinese 15%, indigenous 6%, other 12%. And they also have different languages: Malay.

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Another relevant point nowadays it’s Brunei’s religion. Bruneians are divided in Muslim (official) 67%, Buddhist 13%, Christian 10%, other (includes indigenous beliefs) 10%.